S26 – Gold Junior

This TVC for S26 was such a fun project and a great collaboration between illustrator Phil Meatchem, 2D animation studio Tui Studios and FSM.

For this project I created the animated colouring-in texture of Abi, our little animated character. To do this I created digital pencil and crayon textures in Photoshop, and used After Effects to create short animated loops. These texture loops were then pinned to Abi’s animation outlines (animated by Tui Studios) using puppet tool to create our colouring-in look.

After this colouring process – I used a series of effects to generate the rough and animated paper edge to Abi’s character. Abi’s animated sequence was then rendered out and passed onto our VFX team who integrated her into the 3D scene.

I was also in charge of prop design, creating and sourcing items like the custom magnets, notepad, paper aeroplane and postcards. Since there was a live action component to this TVC, whatever props we designed for 3D had to be recreated for the live action scenes as well. This meant I got to break out the Fimo clay and spray paint!