Sunday Night Takeaway

Opening title for ITV’s Sunday Night Takeaway with Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown on Channel Ten. The brief was to create a glitzy and glamorous Australian suburban landscape entirely out of stock imagery for Chris and Julia to travel through on their way to the Sunday Night Takeaway Premiere. Quirky modes of transport, heaps of fun hidden details, and NEON NEON NEON! were the requests – along with the note: “GO CRAZY we can pare it back if we need to!” (spoiler alert: we did not)

I started by storyboarding our hosts’ journey through 3 distinct styles of Australian suburbs, and created styleframes for each key scene – beachy, suburbia, inner city, and the premiere.

After creating an animatic to lock in the camera moves and timings I then brought these styleframes into After Effects and animated the final result, with additional animation by Julz Lane and Nick Johnstone.